Thursday, 23 July 2009

Bong - Heart Of The North West
Blacksand - U1195
Roswitha Kamps - Brievenbus
Blacksand - Abyss
The Bongdevils - Operation Blak Majik
Basil Kirchin - Heart Of the North
Blacksand - Probe One
Excerpt From "Sun Ra: Brother from Another Planet"
Robert Calvert - Lock Phased Loop
Howie B & Hubert Noi - Into Landscape
Dale Cooper Quartet - Une Cellier
Half Man Half Biscuit - Tour Jacket With Detachable Sleeves
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Their Satanic Majesties Second Request (Enrique's Dream)
Excerpt From "Bad Boy Bubby"
Hawkwind - The Awakening
Robert Fripp & Brian Eno - Deep Indian Long
SCADshorts - Music From Pencil Face
The Residents - The Observer
Hawkwind - You Know You're Only Dreaming
Tangerine Dream - Desert Dream
Robert Calvert - Lock Phased Loop
Daniel Johnston - Some Things Last A Long Time
Excerpt From "Cannabis"The Dead Texan - A Chronicle Of Early Failures Pt. Two
Tiny E - Trippin' Onna Whitey
Lez Yilmaz - Tales Of Mere Existance
Pink Floyd - One Of My Turns
Robert Fripp & Brian Eno - Deep Indian Long
The Orb - Angel 4Matrix
Howie B & Hubert Noi - Countdown
Kroke - The Secret Of The Life Tree
Shackelton - The Rope Tightens
Charlie & The Unicorne - The Vortex
Amon Tobin - Straight Psyche #3
Excerpt From "Britains Most Eccentric"
Villa Lobos - Prelude No 3 (Live)
Excerpt From "Skins"
Excerpt From "Holy Mountain"
The Dead Texan - Beatrice Pt. 2

Recorded @ Bong Heights
23rd July 2009
deadSOUND 44

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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Nuggitz - The Nuggitz That Tyme Forgot 

Captain Crunch & The Crew - Nowadays People
The Castaways - Liar, Liar
Plato & The Philosophers - Thirteen O'clock Flight To Psychedelphia
The Time & Space Machine - La La La (Bong's Far-In Mix)
The Golden Dawn - Starvation
Monks - Love Came Tumblin' Down
The Elois - By My Side
The Rare Breed - I Talk To The Sun
Love - Feathered Fish
The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band - The M.A.C.
Cave Dwellers - Meditation (Midge Thyrd I Take)
Monkees - Superstitious
Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup - Jabberwock
HP Lovecraft - Mobius Trip (Midge Miskatonik Mix)
Sundragon - Far Away Mountain
Park Avenue Playground - The Trip
Arzachel - Garden Of Earthly Delights
Dragonfly - Celestial Empire
The Regiment - My Soap Won't Float
The Eyes - When The Night Falls
The Bubble Puppy - Secrets Of The Golden Shrine
Chocolate Watchband - In the Past (Midge Presence Mix)
The Strawberry Alarm Clock - Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow (Mushroom Mello Mix)
John Peel - Peruvian Black
Country Joe & The Fish - Section 43 (Wendy's Craig Mix)
Blonde On Blonde - All Day, All Night
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - A Child's Guide To Good And Evil
The Cryan Shames - The Sailing Ship (Bongtown Mascara Mix)

Mixed Between Highwoods And New Brighton
Via The Virtualworld Communications Machine
Glued Together @ Bong Heights By Mary Warner
May - Jun 2009
a deadSOUND Collab 13