Wednesday, 31 December 2003

Wednesday, 24 December 2003

Miracle On Marine Terrace
Bong - Blingtro
Bruce Broughton - Overture
Excerpt From "Miracle on 34th Street"
Bong - Trippin onna Whitey (Xmas) [part1]
i... Amorphous Androgynous - Mountain Goat
ii.. Natalie Cole - jingle Bells
iii. Excerpt from "Batman2"
iv.. Andy williams - Sweet Little Jesus Boy
v... Maurice Jarre - Jacobs Ladder
vi.. Peter Gabriel - Last temptation of Christ
vii. Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent)
viii Excerpt from "Scrooged"
Gomez - Steve McCormick
Dionne Warwick - It's beginning to look A lot Like Christmas
Excerpt From "Miracle on 34th Street"
Blancmange - Vishnu
Banco De Gaia - Shanti (Black Mountain Mix)
Excerpt From "Miracle on 34th Street"
Paul Weller - Kosmos (Lynch Mob bonus beats)
Yellowman - Santa Clause Never Comes To The Ghetto
Excerpt From "Miracle on 34th Street"
Ella Fitzgerald - The Christmas Song
The Flevans - Into The Morning
Kali Bahlu - A Cosmic Telephone Call
Deeds Plus Thoughts - Dayton Bumps
Cheech N' Chong - Santa Clause and His Old Lady
Lucia Pamela - Let's Take A Walk On The Moon
Al Stylus - High Rise
Excerpt From "Miracle on 34th Street"
Al Haca Soundsystem - Blessed feat. Ras M.C. Tweed
Brooker T and The MG's - Jingle Bells
Nat King Cole - All I Want For Christmas (is my two front teeth)
James Brown - Let's Make Christmas Mean Something This Year (Parts 1&2)
Bong - Trippin onna Whitey (Xmas) [Part 2]
i... Excerpt from "Scrooged"
ii.. Maurice Jarre - Jacobs Ladder
iii. Spore - Black Christmas
iv.. Excerpt from "Scrooged"
v... Excerpt From "Miracle on 34th Street"
vi.. John & Yoko - Merry Christmas (War is Over)
Recorded @ Santa's Grotto
15th Dec 2003
deadSOUND 08

Saturday, 13 December 2003

Wednesday, 3 December 2003

Look Mam!..No JOB!!!

The Mothers of Invention - Once Upon A time
The Whitefield Brothers - Thunderbird
Excerpt from "Postcards from America"
Orlando Cachiato Lopez - Cachaito in Laboratory
Dark Eyed Kid - Cuttin' T'ze & Catchin Zed'z
M.A.W. - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (MAW Remix feat.Q-Tip)
Big Youth - Foreman vs. Frazier
Shorty - President Mash Up The Resident
TM Juke - Just For A Day (Sunday)
Excerpt From "Mullholand Drive"
Dr L - Give Away Box
Ming + Fs feat D.K + Aref Durvesh - Misdirected
Stereo Action Unlimited feat. El Dicko & The Bandits - Hi
Krafty Kutz - Tricka Technology
Nine - Hit Em Like Dis
Bobby Hughes Combination - Clive The Runner
Big Youth - Keep Your Dread
Charles Webster - Fox Soup (UFO Magnolia Soup)
Excerpt From "Nice Dreams"
The Whitefield Brothers - Prowlin'
Unknown - Rise
Unknown - The Light

Bong Heights
3rd December 2003
deadSOUND 07

Wednesday, 5 November 2003

Friday, 24 October 2003

Duckin' anna Divin'

Incognito - Eye of the Storm ( c's planet e special mix )
Excerpt from "Network"
Q-Tip - Breathe & Stop (accapella)
Mutabaruka - Dis Poem
Khan feat. Julie Cruise - Say goodbye (losouls she's homeless mix)
Excerpt from the "Prisoner"
Derrick Harriot - Do I Worry
Papa Levi - Mi God Mi King
Bent - Ordinary Day
Hawkwind - Welcome To The Future
KLF - Madrugada Eterna
LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge
Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear
MC Pitman - Twat Farm
Dj Rubbish - Blame The Muslims
Lemon Jelly - Pushy
Excerpt from "Blue Velvet"
Alan Watts - Who Is It Who Knows There is No Ego?
Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 1)
LSK - Ghost Now
Scotty & Derrick Harriot - Clean Race
Excerpt from the "Prisoner"
Toussaint McCall - Shimmy
Fat Freddies Drop - Hope
Excerpt from "Lost Highway"
Kid Koala - Vacation Island
BlackSmoke - BB intro
BlackSmoke - Silent Night
Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
KLF - Madrugada Eterna

Bong Heights
24th Oct 2003
deadSOUND 06

Tuesday, 30 September 2003

Saturday, 6 September 2003

Cosmic Ambulance (your'e going home inna)

Rolled Oats - Oats
Hawkwind - Sonic Attack
The Roots - Water
Excerpt from "Fear + Loathing in LA"
Spiritualized - 100 Bar [accapella]
Deep Dish - Atmosphere MAW mix [accapella]
Lemon Jelly - Kneel Before Your God
??? - House Is A Feeling [accapella]
Treva Whatever - Wild NorthWest
Baby Mammoth - Final (Van-Bar Remix)
De La Soul feat. Yummy - Much More [accapella]
KV5 - I's Of A Child (Proper Bo Remixay)
Serge Gainsbourg feat. Bra - Javanaise Remake
Doreen Schaffer - Try A little Smile
Excerpt from "Monty Python and The Holy Grail"
British Standard Unit - D'ya Think I'm Sexy?
Bill Cosby - Hard Drugs
Herman & Kleine - Kickboard Girl (Take Care On The Corner)
Sandy Rivera - I Can't Stop [accapella]
Fela Kuti - Gentleman
De La Soul feat. Sean Paul - Shoomp [accapella]
Ward 21 - Ganja Smoke
Althea and Donna - Uptown Top Ranking
Spaceboys feat. Kalaf - Moonshine
React To Rythm - Intoxication
Mr Fingers - In The Begining [accapella]
Kid Koala - Emperors Main Course
Dj Rubbish - DVD
Sarah Vaughan - Summertime (Ufo Remix)
Hawkwind - 10 seconds of Forever
Dj Rubbish - A Second Left
Excerpt from "Dogma"

Bong Heights
6th Sept 2003
deadSOUND 05

Friday, 1 August 2003

Smoke & Download

Emo - I Can't Take No More
Excerpt from "Naked"
Burdy - Doobie Da Da
Cinerex - Feeling fine
MF Doom & Maldib - Jack Off feat. Quasimodo
P.I.L - Radio 4
Tape Beatles - Numbers 2
J-Boogie - Universal Dub feat. Tony Moses
Johnathan richman - Egyptian Reggae
Excerpt from "Naked"
Sonora - Pressure Cooker
Beat Pharmacey - Silhouettes
Peter Cook - Christ
General Echo - Bathroom Sex
Mr Scruff - Fish
Burdy - Broken
Cheech & Chong - Wake up america
Jah Wurzel - wuthering heights
Little Audrey - Sea Puss and Bammie
The Orb - G Strings (Outro)
Marzibian - Let it ride
Excerpt from "Chasing Amy"
Akasha - Ray's Song
The Mighty Quark - A Great 22
Excerpt from "Naked"
Baby Mammoth - Sunburn
Whitley Houston - I Will Always Love You

Bong Heights
1st Aug 2003
deadSOUND 04

Wednesday, 11 June 2003

Saturday, 31 May 2003

(i don't need no) Bad Drugs

Cheech and Chong - Sgt Standenko
Excerpt from "Bowling For Columbine"
Pest - St. Pest
Flevans - Begin Again
Bill Hicks - Marketing & Advertising
The Dalai Lama - The Path To Tranquility (part 5)
Flevans - Stars
P.I.L. - Religion 1
Excerpt from the "The Devils Advocate"
Ulrich Schnauss - Molfsee
Unknown - Spirit calling
Excerpt from "Stupid White Men & The War on Terrorism (part2)"
Excerpt from "The Rutles - All You Need Is Cash"

Unknown - The Light
Dj DSL - Havana Club
Excerpt from "Bowling For Columbine"
Raeo - Kaettekura
Unknown Footage - Military LSD Experiment
Bill Hicks - The News
Bill Cosby - Downers & Uppers
Gotan Project - Triptico
Cheech n' Chong - Don't Answer The Phone
Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream
Mikey Dread - Haile Selassie Centenary Dub
Excerpt from "Taxi Driver"
The Super Furry Animals - Presidential Suite (Phat Eric)
Adrian Sherwood - Hari Up Hari
Cheech n' Chong - Trippin in Court
Bill Cosby - The Dope Pusher
Bonobo vs. Jamm - Wayward Bob (Gets The Gush)
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Third Stone From The Sun
Excerpt from "Dark Star"
Malcolm Mclaren - Madame Butterfly
Sohail Rana - Soul Sitar
Bill Hicks - Charley Hodge
The KLF - Witchita Lineman Was A Song I Once Heard
The Super Furry Animals - (A) Touch Sensitive (Force Unknown Mix2)
Erykah Badu - On and On
Robert Calvert - Ground Control To Pilot

Bong Heights
31st May 2003
deadSOUND 03

Monday, 17 March 2003

Muzik2Defrag2 v1.2
Bill Hicks - Mushrooms
Panjabi Mc vs. LJ - Mundian Breaks (Homage to Panjabi Mix)
Julie Cruise - Rockin'Back inside My Heart
The Orb - Dilmun
Leftfield - Chant of A Poor Man [The Mighty Quark Mix]
Bill Hicks - Elvis
Charles Webster - Sweet Butterfly
Unknown Accapella - Sweet Dreams
Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man - Mysteries
King Jammy meets Dry & Heavy - Tiger Claw
Unknown - The Marraige Union
Hint vs. M.A.W. - (2 B in Love is) Quite Spectacular [Heavenly Mix]
Femi Kuti - Beng Beng Beng [Mateo & Matos Dub]
Unknown - How Babie's Are Born
Thriller - Jammy's Kill You
The Orb - I am The Red Worm
Cheech n' Chong - The History of Marijuana
Electric Chairs - Barbie Girl
Chris Morris - Bushwacked 2
Charles Webster - Been 2 Long
Chris Morris - Suicide Journalist
The Grid - Crystal Clear [as clear as an unmuddied lake mix]
Bill Hicks - The War On Drugs
The Mighty Quark - Pressure
Lee Perry & The Upsetters - The Tackro
Joeski & Dj Chus - El Amour [Terry Farley & Chris Bangs Acid Dub]

Bong Heights
17th Mar 2003
deadSOUND 02

Friday, 28 February 2003

Sunday, 19 January 2003

Bong vs. Massive Attack - Spliffage Mix

Superpredators (The Mad Professor Remix)
Protection (The Eno Mix)
Teardrop (Scream Team Remix)
Karmacoma (UNKLE Situation)
Inertia Creeps (Alpha Mix)
Risingson (Otherside)
Karmacoma (Portishead Experience)
Group 4 (Mad Professor Remix)
Angel (Blur Remix)
Protection (J Swift Mix)
Back/Shecomes (Mad Professor Mix)
Teardrop (Mad Professor Mazaruni Instrumental)
Three (Dom T's House Of Fortune Mix)

Bong HeightsJan 2003
deadSOUND 01