Monday, 16 July 1990

Space - Space






KLF Communications

"Quite rare Jimmy Cauty (of the KLF) solo project released under the alias of Space, originally intended as The Orb’s debut album. After Jimmy Cauty left the original line up of The Orb to concentrate on the KLF he took the tapes with him and removed all of Dr. Alex Patterson’s contributions and released it on the KLF communications label. This makes a great companion piece to The Orb’s proper debut “Adventures Beyond The Ultra World” taking the listener on a journey through space from blast off to splash down via a quick trip through the solar system from Mercury to Pluto and all planets in between with the aid of synthesizers, samples, classical music, space coms, and a creepy take on “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. Early ambient house classic, much darker than the KLF’s earlier groundbreaking “Chill Out” album and described by Jimmy Cauty as ”a record for 14 year old space cadets to go and take acid to for the first time”. If your older than 14 and have no acid at hand, a dark room and a bottle of red may get you slightly off the launch pad or just as a good bit of classic ambient to chill to, either way this is still a 38 minute trip worth taking. The limited CD issue was split into tracks indicating the planets visited on the journey track it down if you can...."

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