Saturday, 27 June 1992

The Experimental Sound Field Feat. The Super Peace Brothers

Funktion One, Underworld, Shiva Photonics,
Trevor Morias, Danny G, Lemon Interrupt,
Darren Emerson, Thelemic Pulse
"Underworld set up The Experimental Sound Field in Glastonbury and astound all who were there with a 14-hour DJ/band interface jam. One person who was there was music business lawyer Richard Gates:"They had two whole sides of the field fenced off with screens to project on, with brilliant lights and slides and strobes. The music went through all these permutations, from Parliament to Andronicus, and in the middle of it all was this scaffold tower with Djs and musicians. It was magical, almost spiritual." Karl remembers:"Being in the middle of the field meant we were out there dancing with them."

11.30pm 27/6/92 Glastonbury Festival

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