Saturday, 15 July 2006

Music For Listeners 2006/07/15 Five Hours with The Orb

Part 1
The Beastie Boys - Country Mike
The Orb - Perpetual Dawn
The Orb - Montagne D’or (Der Gute Burg)
The Orb - S.A.L.T.
The Orb - Towers of Dub
The Orb - O.O.B.E. (Peel Session)
The Orb - No Fun (Peel Session)
The Orb - Centuries
The Orb - Abstractions
The Orb - Molten Love (Berlin Session Film Mix)

Part 2
MFL Interview with The Orb – Segment One
The Orb - Sail From the CD ‘Orbsessions Vol 1’. For Lisa
MFL Interview with The Orb – Segment Two
The Orb - Into the Fourth Dimension (Essences in Starlight)
MFL Interview with The Orb – Segment Three
F.F.W.D. - Lucky Saddle
F.F.W.D. - Drone
MFL Interview with The Orb – Segment Four

Part 3
The Orb - The Blue Room (Full 40 Minute Version)
The Orb - Freebird (featuring vocals by Andy Cain) (Live at Red 7 – Austin, TX)

Part 4
The Orb – Live at Red 7 21.03.2006 – Austin, TX – Exclusively recorded for broadcast on Music For Listeners. A full live set by LX and Thomas of The Orb!
The Orb - Majestic (Millwall Mix)
The Orb - His Immortal Logness

Part 5
The Orb - Plateau (Live in Toyko)
The Orb - Prime Evil
The Orb - Yungle
The Orb - Turn It Down
The Orb - Egnable
The Orb - Spanish Castles in Space (Extended Youth Mix)
The Orb - White River Junction From the CD ‘Orbus Terrarum’
The Orb - Bang ‘er ‘N Chips
Pop Will Eat Itself - Home (Home Sweet Home Orb Remix)
The Orb - Secrets
Primal Scream - Higher Than the Sun
The Orb - Earth (Gaia) (Live at Brixton Fridge)
The Orb - Assassin (Another Live Mix)
The Orb - Star 6 & 7 8 9 (Live at Brixton Fridge)
The Orb - Close Encounters
The Orb - Outro (Patterns and Textures Version)

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